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Designed to form, fill, and seal stickpacks from 17 mm to 100 mm in width, Viking Masek

Continues to lead with an outstanding variety of stickpack machines. Their range of Stick Pack

machines are multi-lane and can fill up to twenty sticks at once.

Stickpack Packaging Machines

You can pack powders, granules or liquids. Popular widths for stick packs are 23 mm and 35 mm. A width of 17 mm is the smallest achievable and is internationally known as the “sugar stick”.

Stick pack machine fillers

  • Liquid Fillers for liquid, gel, and paste type products
  • Auger Fillers for powders and dusty products
  • Volumetric Fillers for free-flowing non dusty powders like sugar
  • Tablet and Pill Counters for the pharmaceutical

Populair Stickpack Applications

The on-the-go trend is here to stay and so are stick packs as a result. Stickpack machines can easily form, fill, and seal the small bags that other machines would struggle with, which is perfect for single- serving mixes and powders that many consumers find convenient for on-the-go consumption of coffee, drink flavors, sugar, spices, sauces and more. Pre-packaged food mixes for easy cooking often require multiple flavoring packets to be included in the box – and that’s exactly what the Stick Pack machine is designed to do.

Whether it’s a spice mix bag or a one-ingredient addition, the stick pack is the perfect packaging solution.
Another popular industry using the Stick Pack machine is the nutraceuticals industry, packaging liquids and gels. Nutraceuticals often include powders, but they also focus on gels and liquids for athletes and those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.


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VikingMasek M Series

Different bag sizes and output

Stickpack machines are designed to pack powders; dense, fine, loose and particulate

materials, as well as liquids and gels, into stickpack bags to accommodate different

bag shapes including pour spouts, tear notches and easy-open systems.

The ST400

Stick pack machine offers multi-lane packaging for all types of products. Stick to your budget with a rugged packaging machine running up to 70 cycles per minute.

The ST600

Is servo-driven stick pack machine available with powder and liquid fillers and can accommodate film web widths of up to 600mm and run up to 80 cycles a minute.

The ST800

Is IQ/OQ compliant an a multilane stick pack machine and therefore an ideal solution for packaging large runs of liquid or powdered pharmaceutical. It can produce stickpacks up to 80mm wide by up to 200mm long.

The ST1200

Is able to package up to 20 lanes simultaneously. It’s the newest high-performance stick pack machine and can produce 1600 bags a minute with maximum size of 100 mm × 200 mm.

How does it work?

How does a stick pack machine turn a single roll of film into multiple shelf-ready packages. Check out this article from Viking Masek describing the process in seven simple steps:

  • Film transport & unwinding
  • Printing
  • Film tension
  • Film cutting
  • Stick pack forming
  • Filling and sealing
  • Stickpack discharge

Ancillary Equipment

The ancillary equipment Viking Masek is available for the Stickpack machine, which allows automation from tote to pallet. Examples include stick counting using a chute with trap gate and takeaway conveyors that count in a carton and printing options that can print a use-by date and lot number on each stick. If desired they can also integrate cartoners and case-packers to prepare your product for shipment.

VikingMasek Velocity
VikingMask Stick Pack Machine
VikingMasek Bag in Bag machine

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