Imtech Ventilex és a Brolton Csoport együttműködése

The last joint project with Brolton was a slag dehumidifier with an output of 30 tonnes / hour (dry product) and reduced the moisture content from 10% to less than 0.5%.

Imtech Ventilex delivered the first dryers to the Brolton Group in Australia in 2006. Since then, the concentration of forces has intensified, culminating in a representation agreement in 2012.

Gerben Brinkhof, a production engineer, says that in this case, the one set is one, in fact, why three. ‘The Brolton Group is comparable to Imtech in terms of scope of business,’ says Brinkhof, who has worked for Imtech Ventilex for almost four years. ‘It is a prominent engineering / design company in Sydney that offers state-of-the-art solutions in the fields of automation, electrical design, instrumentation and mechanical design. They also act as general contractors for EPCs and, as a result, carry out architectural work. ‘

Connection, test run and operation

The Brolton Group ordered the first Ventilex fluidbed dryers for Adelaide Brighton Cement, which dries slag sand for the production of dry mortars for construction. Brinkhof: ‘Ventilex supplies the dryer, including the know-how, PLC, LCC. It’s all delivered as a DIY (do it yourself) kit. ‘ Brolton takes control of the machinery, equipment, steel structure, conveyor belts and necessary architecture. Also, they take care of the on-site mechanical and electrical services. ‘We work approximately ten to twelve hours a day for about a week. This is nothing more than connection, test run and operation. ‘

Imtech Ventilex és a Brolton Csoport együttműködése